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Security Service Ltd. is a Danish security company, with specialty in customized security solutions for the entertainment industry, corporate and private sector.

Security Service has grown to become one of the leading security firms in Denmark and through out Europe, with a team of highly dedicated and professional employees, many of whom have police-force ore elite military experience.

Security Service is specialized in providing both individual persons and large companies with security. We offer a wide range of customized security solutions that fulfil requirements within many different fields.

Our objective is to deliver an effective and reliable customized service that gives efficient, comprehensive, and professional security worldwide.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS'19

07 - 10 August 2018

Every February and August, Copenhagen hosts the Nordic Region's largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Security Service will be responsible for a number of security tasks at the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS'19. fashion shows, events, events and sales meetings.

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS'19 starts Tuesday, 07 August, and runs until Friday, 10 August 2017


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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018

27 meter free fall from the Opera House in Copenhagen.

25. August 2018

Tick the calendar on August 25th, when Copenhagen is host to the fifth stop on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018.

Red Bull Cliff Diving is one of the year's absolute biggest sporting events in Copenhagen, bringing no fewer than 50,000 spectators close to a unique sport and with one of Denmark's most beautiful characters in the center of the "Opera" in Copenhagen.

Security Service is responsible for event safety.

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Advice and Guidance

Danish Intelligence Service advice to businesses

For Danish companies in the global marketplace, it is increasingly becoming a competitive factor that they have mastered safety.

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"Avoid kidnapping"

Danish Industry has collaborated with Danish Intelligence Service prepared a guide that provides advice about planning and working abroad.

The booklet also contains advice about necessary skills and effective management.

Assessment of the Terror Threat against Denmark

It is the assessment of the Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) that the terror threat

against Denmark remains significant.

The global threat picture is dynamic, fragmented and complex. The terror threat

against Denmark primarily emanates from groups, networks and individuals who

adhere to a militant Islamist ideology. The threat is mainly directed towards targets

with affiliation to the Cartoon Case. 

Read the assessment here - pdf